Teddy Bear Program

The Grandview Police Department has a Teddy Bear Program. The program attempts to reduce psychological trauma experienced by young children when they are involved in a potentially traumatic situation. 

All Grandview police units carry teddy bears so officers arriving at emergency incidents can use them to comfort children. Teddy bears are proven to have a calming effect by providing comfort and giving the child something tangible to hold during times of crisis. The bears also help forge a bond between the officer and the child as well as minimize the psychological impact of a traumatic situation by diverting the child’s attention from the stress of the incident to the comfort of the teddy bear.

Many children have been comforted by receiving teddy bears from Grandview officers.

The Grandview Police Department will accept teddy bear donations. The teddy bears should be new or lightly used and in good condition.

To make a teddy bear donation please stop by the police department from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. 
Recent News
Our most recent teddy bear donations came from students from the Grandview Elementary School. On 3/18/2015 the school asked for Officer Kosar, our SRO Officer, to go by the school so they could present him with the donated bears.

Thank you Grandview Elementary School administrators, teachers, and students for the donations!  

Kosar Receiving Bears