Operation ID

Operation Identification (Operation ID) is a burglary/theft prevention program through the Grandview Police Department to encourage citizen involvement in crime prevention. The program involves marking valuable property with a unique identification number and completing a personal property inventory list. Marking your property is a deterrent to theft because stolen items marked with etched identification numbers are more difficult to sell or pawn. When a criminal is caught with marked property there is solid evidence he/she is in possession of stolen property. If you are a victim of a burglary or a theft, there is a greater chance of identifying and recovering the items and possibly linking a suspect to the crime if the items are marked. This program can also make reporting the crime much easier, because you will have all the information about your property in one place. 

Participating in Operation ID is simple:

1.  Engrave valuables with an unique identification number. (Usually your drivers license number and never your SS #)
2.  Engrave each item in two locations (if possible):
•  An easily visible location (i.e. external covering)
•  A concealed location (i.e. inside or underside of covering)
3.  Make a list of marked property. Use our Personal Property Inventory List.
4.  Photograph or video the items and keep a copy in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box.
5.  If an item is too small or delicate to engrave then photograph it paying particular attention to unique details. Place                    your drivers license next to the item when photographing the item so ownership can be established and size can be                  compared.

Some things you may want to mark, inventory or photograph include:

Air conditioners Game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii)
Appliances Guns
ATV’s iPad’s/iPod’s
Auto Wheels Lawn mowers
Bicycles Motorcycles
Binoculars Office equipment
Camcorders Outboard motors
Cameras Sporting equipment
Car audio systems Televisions
Computer equipment Tools (Power and Specialty)
DVD/Blu-ray players Vacuum cleaners
Fishing rods, reels Yard tools

The Grandview Police Department will loan you an engraver at no charge if you are a citizen of the City of Grandview. The Grandview Police Department has purchased two engravers to serve our citizen’s needs. If you would like to use one of the engravers, please contact us to make sure one is available. If you need assistance in engraving your property contact the police department and we will assist you.

Officer Troy Arthur is in charge of the Operation ID Program. If you have any questions you can reach him at (817) 866-3399 or by e-mail.

Officer Arthur Engraving ID