Child ID

The Grandview Police Department cares about children. In America there are more than 800,000 children reported missing, annually.

When a child is missing, the goal of the Grandview Police Department is to locate the child as soon as possible.  

Parents/Guardians can assist with this goal by always having a current photo and personal information available for their child, in case this unfortunate situation occurs.

To assist parents/guardians with keeping current information on their child, the police department has partnered with the National Child Identification Program and has Child I.D. Kits available at the police department.

The Child I.D. Kit allows parents/guardians to collect specific information by easily recording vital information about their child. The kit also includes an inkless fingerprint system to record the child's fingerprints and DNA swabs to collect the child's DNA. After gathering all the information needed, the Child I.D. Kit is kept at home by the parent or guardian. If ever needed, the Child I.D. Kit will give the police department vital information to assist us in efforts to locate the missing child. 

To pick up a Child I.D. Kit come by the police department during normal business hours.

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