The Administration of the City of Grandview is made up of the City Administrator/Police Chief and the Assistant City Administrator.

The Office of City Administrator was created by ordinance as permitted by the Texas Local Government Code allowing governing bodies of Type A General Law Municipalities to create offices as deemed necessary.

The chief administrative officer of the City of Grandview is considered the City Administrator. The duties of the City Administrator include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • The efficient administration of the city's affairs and day-to-day operations of the City;
  • Attend all meetings of the City Council;
  • To assist the Mayor and City Secretary in the preparation of the Council agenda;
  • Advise and assist in the formulation of administrative policies;
  • Organize the employees of the city into various departments;
  • Prepare and submit to the Mayor a preliminary budget;
  • Duties as may be prescribed by ordinance, resolution or directed by the City Council.
The Assistant City Administrator has a critical role in assisting the City Administrator in the planning and monitoring of all day-to-day operational functions of the City. The Assistant City Administrator is responsible for leadership, general supervision and performance evaluation of department heads and supervision of other staff members. The position is responsible for the administration of various City programs and activities. The Assistant City Administrator provides technical and professional counsel to the City Administrator and City Council on matters relating to policy and program development, financial and general management and operations of all City functions and departments. The Assistant City Administrator shall serve as the acting City Administrator in the absence of the City Administrator.