Type A and Type B Economic Development Corporations

The City of Grandview has adopted both 4A and 4B Sales Taxes. The rates are 3/8% and 3/8% respectively.

The boards which govern the use of these sales tax funds are as follows:
4A Sales Tax Board
  • Rick Troberman
  • Daniel Helton
  • Kay Trawick
  • Coy Nall
  • Robert Thomas
  • Zach Stewart
  • Stewart Bogard
4B Sales Tax Board
  • Valerie Neill
  • Joe Perrin
  • Tammy Rydell
  • Lori Martin
  • Wayne Polson
  • Kathrine Stewart
  • Daphne Young

Each director of a Type B corporation must:

(1)  be a resident of the municipality;

(2)  be a resident of the county in which the major part of the area of the municipality is located; or 

(3)  reside:

(A)  within 10 miles of the municipality's boundaries; and

(B)  in a county bordering the county in which most of the area of the municipality is located.