Payment Information and Partial Fine Schedule

The defendant may make payments on or before the court date either in person or by mail. Payments mailed should be posted marked no later than the due date unless, prior arrangements have been made with the court. All payments should be in the form of a cashier's check, cash, money order, and/or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)(Subject to a 3% fee). Personal checks are not accepted.

Information on Deferred Disposition and Defensive Driving is available to the left of this screen, or you may call 
(817) 866-4825 with any questions.

You can easily pay your fine online. The link is provided below.

 ***Payments made online WILL result in a CONVICTION, unless Deferred Disposition, or Defensive Driving has    been previously approved by the Judge.*** 

Payments made can either be for:

  • Total amount due.
  • Partial payment of costs / fine with the balance to be paid in 30 days
  • Payment plan (defendant requiring more than 30 days to pay will be assessed a $25 time pay fee per offense)

When paying fines by credit card online you must enter the CS in capital letters and a space between the numbers. (Example:CS 00000)

To pay online click on the link below:
The below schedule is a list of some of the more common violations with associated fines. The list is not exhaustive. 

Partial Fine Schedule

Violation Fine + Cost
Speeding $119.10 base
$6 per mile over
No proof of financial responsibility $303
Disregard official traffic control device $251
Expired drivers license $113
Expired registration $100
Motor vehicle inspection violation $130
Public intoxication $366
Possession of drug paraphernalia $366
Ran stop sign $159
Ran red light $159
No seat belt- driver $176
No seat belt- passenger $176
Passing authorized emergency vehicles $284