Garbage & Recycling

Garbage collection in Grandview is provided by Access Disposal Service. For new service or to request a dumpster in the city limits please contact City Hall. 

There is currently recycling services offered in the city at a green roll off behind City Hall at the far southeast corner of the property.
Rules for Curbside Service
Residential trash pickup is on Wednesday.  Trash must be curbside no earlier than 6:30 a.m. on the day of trash collection.  Emptied trash receptacles must be removed from the curb the same day of collection. There is no assumed or specific pick-up time for any location. 

Approved Containers: 
All trash should be put into trash bags. Plastic sacks, secured at the top, designed to store refuse with sufficient wall strength to maintain physical integrity when lifted by the top. Total weight of a bag and its contents shall not exceed 35 lbs. Cans shall not exceed forty-two (42) gallons in capacity, or fifty (50) pounds in weight (when full). Heavy metal 55 gallon barrels should not be used. Access Disposal is not responsible for picking up loose trash.

Brush Collection:
Will be provided when brush is cut and bundled in four (4) foot lengths. Bundles are not to exceed 50 pounds each. 

EPA restricted items:
Are not included as items picked up during weekly residential collection. For example paint, tires, oil, refrigerant (freon), etc. are NOT allowed. Collection of dead animals is prohibited. (You must dispose of these items according to state and federal laws)

Large Items:
Furniture (Couches, chairs, bedsprings, mattresses, dressers, washers, dryers, etc) and construction materials (Sheetrock, shingles, toilets, sinks, etc.) will NOT be included as items picked up during weekly residential collection, but you may take those to the City dumpster at the City yard on W. Main Street.  Call Public Works at (817) 822-8608 if you would like to dump these items.

What do I do with my brush and tree limbs in Grandview?

As a reminder, the weekly sanitation refuse collection crews will continue to pick up brush and tree limbs at the curb with your weekly household trash that is tied and bundled in lengths not more than 4 feet  and weighing no more than 50 lbs. each.  To dispose of larger sized accumulations of tree limbs and brush, residents may choose to haul them to an approved landfill site or hire a private contractor.  The City of Grandview Public Works Department crews no longer pick up or shred brush and tree limbs in the residential areas. Please help keep our community clean.